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The long-term couple’s guide to getting healthy

Like many long-term couples, my partner and I find that the longer we’re together, the more comfortable we are with each other – which means keeping up our appearances to impress each other has fallen victim to chilled nights in sharing bars of chocolate. Not exactly a recipe for a healthy lifestyle!

A few months ago, feeling more unfit than ever, we both signed up for a trial period with a local gym, and we haven’t looked back. Along the way, we have learned several tips and tricks on working together, kicking each other into gear and getting each other’s arses moving off the the bed or sofa. Ready to change a habit? Here’s our advice!

Hold each other accountable

If you struggle with self-motivation, schedule your workouts with your partner, sync up your digital calendars and hold each other accountable for your workout shifts. Even if you can’t always make it together, being aware of each other’s schedules means you can give each other a kick up the bum when needed. 

Become a motivator

We are all our own worst critic, so taking your biggest fan along for a workout can give you the motivation you need to keep going. Become each other’s biggest motivators and encouragers as you change your habits.

Decide on new habits together

Avoid old, unhealthy traps at all costs. It may be your routine to come home, collapse on the sofa with your SO and stay there until the following morning. If you fall hard into old habits, break away from them. Do you get lazy as soon as you get home? Pack your gym kit and meet your partner on the treadmill straight after work. 

Don’t use your partner as an excuse

At the end of the day, what you do is up to you. Don’t use your partner as an excuse. If your SO works shifts, and you work a 9 to 5, go to the gym alone. Sometimes you’ll be the one staying committed to the healthy habit. Sometimes it will be them. You don’t have to share every session together. Just ask your partner to send a motivational text from their desk before you go at it alone!

Make it fun and flirty. Who said that gym nights can’t be date nights? Turn exercising into something you do for fun, rather than something you dread. Go to silly classes with your SO, enjoy the steam room and hop in the hot tub together. Plus, all the endorphins you’ll earn will make you feel great!

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