The bro code – do you ditch your friends when you get the girl?

We all have that one mate. As soon as he gets into a relationship, he disappears. He is full of excuses when you ask him to go for some late night McNuggets. But then, she dumps him for a graphic designer from Newport and he comes crawling back.

Of course we welcome him back with open arms (as long as he buys the next round) because that’s what friends do. I always found it irritating, but then I met Charlie.

I met her at a festival, and we hit it off straight away. I wanted to spend all my time with my new found love. Soon, I was neglecting my friends.

I saw her nearly every day, and everything was great… until she cheated on me at her birthday party. Which I wasn’t invited to. So, Charlie left me.

I went to my closest friends, as I’m sure most of us would. But they didn’t seem interested. I went weeks without seeing them.

So, is it as simple as the bro code? I finally worked out why my friends weren’t there for me. I had been that guy.

We talked it through. I bought the round, and we got past it. I came to understand that we can all be that guy but we don’t have to.

It’s all about balance. Balancing your time between your partner, your friends, your family, and everything else (work, school, assignments, life…) you need to do is important if you want to maintain your relationships.

And don’t forget alone time. Whether it’s some Xbox, Netflix or a cheeky pint with a book, alone time is important too, even when you’re at the beginning of an exciting relationship.

Relationships would be twice as hard without friends. Yes, it takes time to work out priorities, but friendship is key. So, let’s try not to be so hard on them, if and, when the prodigal mate returns.

by Jamie Trezise

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