Surviving “wedding fever” when you’re single

I’m getting to the age when friends are starting to get married. They seem to have their lives together, whilst I’m writing this in my pyjamas eating coco pops – definitely single. Wedding fever seems to be in the air, particularly with the royal wedding just around the corner. Weddings can be fun, but they can also be tough for singles. A close friend of mine got married last summer. The couple met whilst playing quidditch, so the wedding was based on the sport. The tables were named after Harry Potter characters, there were plenty of Hogwarts-themed decor – even a quidditch pitch. The day had the potential to be great fun, but I couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t the only single person there, but I felt alone. I wanted to be in a serious relationship, to be starting a life with someone I loved. But I had nothing on the horizons in terms of relationships. So how do we survive wedding fever when we’re single?

Don’t get drunk in the corner on your own

The first thing I learned about weddings and singleness that day is an obvious one. Don’t get drunk in the corner on your own. Weddings are a celebration, so celebrate. But don’t over-do it with the free bar.

Don’t decide the pretty bridesmaid is the answer

The second thing I learned is don’t try and get with people at the wedding. If it is meant to happen, it will happen. Being rejected when you’re already in an emotional state makes you feel ten times worse, trust me!

Get excited

The third thing that really helped me was to get excited. All this is going to happen to me at some point. I am excited for my wedding day. Remembering this helped me to be excited for my close friend’s wedding day.

It’s okay to feel strong emotions at a wedding, but I learned that if I enjoy the day for what it is – a celebration of love – it can not only be a lot of fun, but can be really special too.

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