Relationships in the time of COVID-19

In a new post and under Covid-19 related self Isolation, our intrepid anonymous writer finds themselves a little locked in thinking about how we best take care of ourselves and each other.




It seems that this year is testing all of us in about a hundred different ways.
We are having to completely change how we live our lives and it’s hard.

We all need to be doing our bit to protect one another and ourselves.

Covid-19 is not something we should be taking lightly by any means.

We need to be following the rules and doing everything we can to flatten the curve.

I had several symptoms so I have been self-isolating for a week and a half now, and it’s been lonely and difficult to maintain my wellbeing. I haven’t seen my family for nearly three weeks and probably won’t until after the shutdown.

I go back to my home town at least every two weeks to see my family so it has really changed my relationships with them.

However, I am doing my bit to protect vulnerable people.
It’s just requiring me to interact with them in a different way.


How does this work again?


We all need to be innovating! (Even when it took me 15 minutes to help my Nan unmute her self on video chat).

I feel like I’ve heard/read it a lot but it’s really true when we are told social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing. You need to make the effort and maintain these relationships for your own wellbeing as well as family and friends.

This is going to be a test for all your relationships. If you are passing the time on dating apps as well try to be innovative. Have a video call date instead of meeting, (because if I see PDA while I’m on one of my state-approved socially distant walks I will shout “seriously we are in the middle of a pandemic!!!”).

So please play your part!

You just need to stay at home and think about how your actions will impact other people.

While you may not get it or get symptoms it doesn’t mean you won’t pass it on to someone that the virus would kill or seriously harm. Side note as well, don’t stockpile beyond what you need as there are people more vulnerable that need supplies too.

(Seriously what you doing with 27 loo rolls?)

Protect your mental health as well.
Stay connected and remember we are all in this together.




Click HERE for the NHS advice on Coronavirus


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