love at first sight

Love at first sight: myth or reality?

Jamie Tresize

Love at first sight is one of life’s many mysteries. Some people just get a feeling that someone is ‘the one’ the moment their eyes meet

My all-time favourite film is the 1986 Tom Cruise classic Top Gun. Maverick’s love interest is Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwell, who he first meets in a bar, and shortly after serenades her with the Righteous Brothers’ classic ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’.

After some pestering, he ends up getting together with Charlie, and the film ends with them kissing. Cute. Although I try and use Top Gun as evidence in everything I do (including two A level history papers), fiction sadly doesn’t prove that love at first sight actually exists.

Let’s get real. True story: my mum and dad met as leaders at a youth camp, and within 6 months of meeting, they were married, and have been happily together for 25 years.

So quickly did they realise their love for each other, they decided they may as well get married. You could say, he liked it so he put a ring on it.

This whirlwind love story is great evidence for love at first sight, but certainly not very modern.

Here’s another story, which slightly more up to date. My close friend Tom met a lovely girl named Rachel whilst volunteering at a festival in 2007. His first thought on clapping eyes on her – was that he was going to marry her. By the 2008 festival they were dating, and they went to the 2009 festival on their honeymoon.

But if this miraculous marvel of instant love is real, why hasn’t it happened to me?

On an unfortunate number of occasions, I’ve set my gaze upon an attractive lady and declared “She is the one!” only to  find that she is either in a relationship or 100% not interested (and boy don’t they let me know about it…).

So sadly,  I have no first hand proof that love at first sight exists… (well not yet anyway). I can only go on the stories I’ve heard (and I wouldn’t put it past Tom to exaggerate about how he really got together with Rach).

Maybe love at first sight will always remain a mystery to me. But one thing is certain. Tom Cruise cannot sing, and Top Gun proves it.

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