Lessons in Love (and Sex)

I asked some friends and relatives for the best lessons in relationships advice that they were given as teenagers (or wish they’d been given). My hope is it might just save us the trouble of having to find out the hard way.


Jules (age 46, married 20 years)

Lust is fleeting so choose a partner who you are attracted to and is a good friend. You don’t want to wake up one day, next to someone who may be insanely attractive but is a stranger in terms of beliefs and spirit.


Becky (age 27)

My first experience of sex was disappointing and not very enjoyable. My friends told me to stick with it and swore to me that it would improve and they were right! With practise you learn the likes and nuances of the person you’re sleeping with, and vice versa. It gets to be really good fun.


Jim (age 20)

If a guy likes you and wants to be with you, he will make it quite clear. We are quite direct.


Flora (age 20)

Accept that every relationship is different and remember, that like Snapchat stories or Facebook feeds, we often only see other couple’s highlights reel.


Dan (age 59, married 27 years)

Go out and do things you love, see the things you want to see and try things that interest you. That way you are more likely to meet someone who shares your passions.


Lara (age 23)

If your partner doesn’t want anyone to know you are dating or if they want sex but no commitment – bail! They’ll either get their act together or won’t bother and if that’s the case they just weren’t worth it. You deserve better.


Chris (age 75, married 40 years)

There’ll be difficult times when you will feel cross or have tricky decisions to make or one of you falls ill. Kindness is the best way to get through those times, and also it makes the person a hell of a lot easier to live with!

by Lottie Carr


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