I don’t have much money – how do I buy a cheap gift without seeming stingy?

Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means – endless hours of shopping to find the best gifts for people we love, with money we don’t have. It can be even trickier when it’s your first Christmas with a new partner. However, there are ways to give something unique and sentimental that won’t cost the world. Here are our tips to keep some change for those New Year celebrations, and still bag that cheeky kiss under the mistletoe.

  1. Craft it!

Not everyone is artistic, but sometimes even a sentimental craft can be perfect if it’s made by someone important to you and has genuine meaning. In my first relationship, my partner had planned to take me out for Christmas brunch, but I was still job hunting at the time. I had no idea what to do for them in return. I ended up buying a pack of cards for 50 pence at the pound shop. I then wrote a little note about why I loved them on the back of each card. It ended up being their favourite gift of the year!

  1. Recycle it!

One great way to ‘cheat’ the Christmas system is to re-gift presents you’ve been given that you know won’t use. It’s often looked down upon, but it’s much better than wasting it, especially if you think someone will get good use out of it. Just be careful not to re-gift to the people who gave it to you in the first place…!

  1. Just be there!

If you really have nothing material to give, just be honest. Everyone understands that we have hard times. Just being there to help cook the Christmas dinner, give a foot rub at the end of the day, or watch their favourite Christmas film with no complaints will give them memories that last much longer than a box of chocolates.

Blake Bramley

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