Guys – I know you have 6 pack envy, too…

Guys, let’s be honest, body image is not just something that women struggle with. There are such ridiculous standards of the male physique in the media that it can seem like anything less is not worthy of man status. If, like me, you watched Love Island this year (reluctantly), you’ll have noticed that pretty much all the guys are shredded beyond belief, with 6 packs on their 6 packs and less fat on them than a bottle of skimmed milk (except Jack, repping the Dad bod). But being a man is about more than a 6 pack. Here’s why.

Setting unrealistic standards leaves you feeling unworthy

Whilst the vast majority of the boys in the villa have that physique, it does not represent the rest of society…at all. Firstly, even the boys from Love Island have admitted that acquiring that physique for the show required training as much as twice a day, seven times a week. Chris and Kem, from the 2017 show, admitted on “Loose Women” that since exiting the villa, they didn’t feel comfortable getting their tops off because their physique wasn’t the same. Setting unrealistic standards for yourself by comparing your body to those of a select few that put in a nauseating amount of effort makes no sense.

Manliness is not achieved through our outward appearance

I’m assuming that for most men aiming to develop their status as a man, it is far more about character than body image. It’s about confidence in who you are, security in your body and your personality, compassion for others, ability to access and control your emotions, and much more – but physical appearance should not be top of this list. I believe the majority of women would agree that they would rather have a man who is respectful and loving, than a man with a 6 pack.

So this summer, instead of worrying about your abs, worry about your character. Instead of worrying about your pecs, worry about your personality. Are you being the best person you can be? Are you treating other people well? If you are, let yourself off the hook.

Dan Callan


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