Girls, sick of the “sexy” halloween costume? Try these ideas instead!

Halloween is just around the corner, and by now, most of us have started thinking about our costumes. Fancy dress shops are stocking up with the well-known classics, but what if this year you don’t feel like going as a “sexy stewardess,” a “sexy policewoman” or a “sexy nurse” (and what if that was never really your style?) It seems that girls have two options when it comes to Halloween – childish (the Disney princess) or sexy (superwoman, but the version that wears 12 inch heels). So if you’re looking for an option that says “powerful female” instead, here are some ideas.

1. Edna

I recently enjoyed the return of my favorite animation – The Incredibles. It grabbed my attention because of its gender-defying script that puts Elastagirl at the forefront of all the action. However, I’d like to point your attention to another character. One that’s loved by the public for her unapologetically mean self, talent, and professionalism. That’s right, if you’re looking for an unusual example of femininity this Halloween, Edna is your girl.

2. Mulan

I know, she is a little Disney. But Mulan is no princess. For many young women who grew up in the era of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, there was only one character who never had to be rescued. Hello, Mulan. For the perfect combination of pretty and tough, Mulan is a great choice for Halloween this year. 

3. Cleopatra

She is often portrayed as a ruler who gained power because of her looks and the relationship she had with two mighty men. That, however, is not all there is to it. Fluent in multiple languages and an exceptional strategic leader, Cleopatra deserved her spot in history. She prioritised her role as a ruler over her romantic relationships, and I like that. Easy to style and easy to recognise, Cleopatra is a classic choice this Halloween.

4. Coraline

She is curious, intelligent, resourceful and courageous. She’s irritated by rain and not being taken seriously. She’s the brain child of Neil Gaiman, who was recently nominated for an alternative literature Nobel prize.  He is known for having little patience for stories where women are saved by men, which is how Coraline got onto this list. Overall, a great chance to celebrate both a strong female character and an applaudable male writer. 

What did you decide to dress up as this halloween?

Dimana Markova

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