Every body is a “bikini body”

Ten years ago “thin” was the fashion buzzword – from thin eyebrows to thin bodies. In the last few years, fashions have “filled out,” with Cara Delevingne bringing bushy eyebrows back, and Kim Kardashian leaving entire nations envious of her bum. Trends change with the seasons, but we shouldn’t expect our bodies to do the same. As we show off more skin this summer, let’s remove the pressure to look “profile picture perfect.” This mindset sends women on fad diets, crazy exercise plans and even surgery every year. Here’s a new bikini body guide this summer – fall in love with the skin you’re in! Follow these tips to get started.

Fad diets are bad diets

If a diet’s main market appeal is the incredibly short amount of time it takes to shed pounds – ditch it. Healthy weight loss is not a race and does not come in the form of a powder, juice or 100 squats. If you feel in a funk this summer, switch your focus from weight loss to health gain – eat well and move more to feel better.

Get rid of “that dress you’ll fit into after your juice cleanse”

Clothes should make us look, and more importantly, feel good. If you have clothes in your wardrobe that don’t fit, you don’t need them. Cleanse your wardrobe this summer and only wear clothes that make you feel fabulous just the way you are right now (not in 12 weeks when you’ve dropped a dress size).

Cleanse your social media

If after a quick scroll through your Instagram feed you see several thin and toned girls in two pieces and short shorts, you need a social media cleanse. We are influenced by what we see, so diversify your social media and follow women of all sizes, colours and shapes to remind yourself that beauty isn’t one size fits all this summer. And guess what? Guys struggle with this too. See our post on six pack envy here

Libby Toogood

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