7 ways to beat Blue Monday


By Jamie Trezise

Mondays are hard. For some of us getting out of bed can be a battle, let alone leaving the house. If you struggle with Mondays – especially cold January ones –  here are some suggestions to beat off those Monday blues:


Listen to an awesome playlist. 

This is simple but effective. Listening to some feel good, cheesy and/or motivational music might help to put you in a great mood during your commute to work or school. Streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music, have some banging playlists ready for you to download or why not make up your own?


Set at least one goal for the day.

Working towards something can be a good driver. Whether it’s finishing that report or going to the bank, completing a task can be very satisfying and just might make Monday a little more bearable.


Look forward to lunch. 

Food can be a great motivator, so having a tasty lunch to think about during the morning might help you fight off any Monday blues. Just don’t overreact if someone eats your sandwich *ahem* Ross Geller…


Go to bed early on Sunday 

Sleep is my favourite thing after food and Die Hard.  If you also thrive better when you’re wide awake, you might want to avoid bingeing on Netflix on a Sunday night.


Have a fun evening planned

Why not line up something fun for after work or college? Whether it’s playing the new Call of Duty (which is insanely good, I must say), going for a coffee with a mate, or indulging in a relaxing spa, plan something you enjoy. Let’s make Mondays great again!


Be positive

Instead of being like, “Oh…it’s Monday…”  why not try being more, “Oh! It’s Monday!”? If you see Monday as an horrific beginning to a long, working week, try thinking of it more as a day that leads to a whole heap of new opportunities, a chance to start over and do something meaningful.


Ask for help

Whether it’s from a family member, friend or professional, sometimes we all need a bit of support to get us through Mondays. It is 100% okay to reach out. At times we all need a boost. Monday seems like as good a day as any to do it.


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