7 “Friends” quotes that say what you’re really feeling

We all still love Friends, don’t we? Even though it’s been fifteen years (yes, FIFTEEN) years since it ended. Well, our recent survey shows not much has changed when it comes to what we want, fear and look for in relationships. We asked 500 young men aged 16 – 19 across the U.K. what they really think about love, sex and the “big C” (commitment). Here are 7 Friends quotes that match our findings.

1) 60% said they are worried about finding love

2)  64% said they are worried about being alone

3)  97% said they expect to say ‘I love you’ at some point

4) 41% said they are not comfortable talking about their feelings

5) 72% said they like to hook up with someone casually

6)  55% said they worry about being laughed at if they’re open about how they feel

7)  80% said they would have valued better advice or support about a relationship problem

*Image credit: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Television


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