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10 unusual places to find great info on sex and relationships


  • Status Online

Of course we have to recommend our very own Status! The purpose of this website is to give great information on sex and relationships in an easily accessible way, so whilst all of these other options are great, you might want to start here and see what you find.


  • Parents

Though they may seem like they have little to nothing in common with you or your situation, they were once our age! And may have more experience in this area than you might expect. Also, they will give you the advice that they believe will benefit you the most because they ultimately want the best for you.


  • Friends

Who is wise? He who learns from everyone.” Whilst your friends may lack the same life ‘know how’ that your parents might have, they will have their own set of experiences which could be helpful to learn from.


  • Song Lyrics

Although a vast portion of the music industry has a less than healthy mindset towards sex and relationships, there are certain artists that can provide helpful advice and insight. For example, classics like ‘All of me’ by John Legend or a song like ‘Missed Call’ from rapper Nick Brewer. 


  • TV Shows

Similarly, there are TV shows that promote healthy mindsets towards sex and relationships, such as good old Monica and Chandler from ‘Friends’ – they always make the effort to make up after an argument and display a loving, stable relationship.


  • Films

Films like the recent ‘The Greatest Showman’ have also got good examples of courting a love interest while also living a life full of adventure and fun. Whilst it is a work of fiction, it can still be an exciting aspiration for you and your partner.


  • Teachers

Like your parents, teachers potentially have years of experience in advice on sex and relationships and also have a duty to help you. Most schools also have a qualified advisor in this area and they will be ready to help.


  • Vloggers

There are some great YouTubers out there who have some great advice on relationships from their own lives. Or take a look at our very own Munya Chawawa for his take on things.


  • Bloggers

Similarly, there are bloggers who do the same thing in text form who can often be found all over the internet! Or, look to our very own Status bloggers! (But we made that point already didn’t we…)


  • Relationship Helplines

At times we could all need to look to an expert for relationship help and advice and there is nothing wrong with that. There are various relationship helplines that you can call, chat to someone, and receive great advice for your own situation.

Websites like Relate and Brook could be really useful resources for you. See our ‘Get Help’ section for more.


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