How to have a “first time” you won’t regret

Different people have different expectations for the first time they have sex. It’s normal to have all kinds of emotions – scared, excited, nervous. But whether you’re waiting for the right person or just looking for the next opportunity, you … Read More

Good vibes only
I’ve had enough of being groped in public places

You probably remember this video from a couple of years ago, “Tea and Consent.” It explains how you shouldn’t force someone to drink tea if they don’t want to (even if they’ve drank tea before). Seems simple right? Then why can’t I … Read More

Unrequited love – when is it time to let go?

Unrequited love can be a painful experience. It can feel like a person is your whole world, and you just don’t have eyes for anyone else. We get it. But what do you do if they don’t reciprocate your feelings? Sometimes … Read More

7 fun things to do together sober

Having fun in a relationship is not all about getting drunk and belting out Bohemian Rhapsody on a half empty dance floor in the local pub (even though we’ve all been there and had a great time). Here are a few fun … Read More

upset couple
Invest In Relationships Campaign

It’s 2018. Why is relational and mental health still not recognised as being just as important as physical health? Relationship counselling can be relevant for anyone at any age, relationship stage or situation. And yet, many who need it can’t … Read More

Dating with Crohn’s Disease

At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with a condition called Crohn’s disease which completely altered my life. When you have a long-term condition, you find yourself needing to find a new normal. Without getting into too many details, … Read More

Is it a bad idea to date someone from work?

Dating somebody from work is notoriously regarded as a bad idea. From worrying about coming across as unprofessional to wondering what will happen if you break up – dating at the workplace can bring a unique set of challenges. But … Read More

Should UCAS discourage LTRs at university?

In 2016, UCAS said in their newsletter for prospective students, that your “school boyfriend/girlfriend should not be on your packing list for university.” The leaflet told first year students to “start university life as a free agent.” Couples starting university … Read More

“freckling” – the dating trend you need to know about

We just got our heads around dating lingo “ghosting,” “cuffing,” and “benching,” all used to describe trending dating behaviour, but apparently this summer we’ve something new to figure out – “freckling.” So what is “freckling?” It’s when you pop into … Read More

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