What we can all learn from Love Island

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for two months, you’ll know the  latest series of “Love Island” has been heating up our screens. How does it work? Contestants are coupled up, have to complete challenges and then re-couple on their … Read More

Are you ready to date again?

When you’ve been through a break up, dating someone new is often the last thing on your mind. “Plenty of fish in the sea,” your friends say. Or “the right person will come along at the right time.” So why … Read More

5 goals to focus on this summer

Reconnect with an old friend. Summer is a great time to meet new people and make friends, but what about that friend that you haven’t seen for two years? In the summer, there is often more time to reconnect with … Read More

Baggage is heavy. Take a handle each.

Everyone has baggage. Whether it’s a deep rooted childhood issue, or the ex that was there before you, all relationships are influenced by our history – the good and the bad. This can cause anxiety when a relationship gets serious. When … Read More

Cautiously Committed

Some people would rather be single while they’re waiting for their Ryan Reynolds. I’m not one of them, and most of the time I think that’s a good thing. Nobody’s perfect and you need time and experience to start to love each … Read More

Sharing Your Story

  At Status, we want to hear from you! There are regular opportunities to tell us of your experiences, particularly as part of our campaigns. Specific opportunities may be advertised in a variety of ways including the list below, on … Read More

Rated Maybe

Porn. When I was a kid, I thought porn was for boys. Then I got older, and I realised that most of it was for boys, because I was certainly not into it – or if I was, that was completely embarrassing. … Read More

Our top 6 dads from film and TV

In honour of Father’s day, here are our top 6 dads from film and TV. 1. Homer Simpson He might be an idiot, but he’s a lovable idiot. At the end of the episode “Lisa’s Substitute,” Homer cheers up Lisa … Read More

How to tell if your break is really a break up

“We were on a breaaak!” Those five words are ingrained in the minds of young people everywhere as Ross Geller’s justification for sleeping with the copy girl while still kind of in a relationship with Rachel Green in the sitcom … Read More

gaming characters to date
6 game characters we wish we could date

It’s tough when you’re looking for a date. You want to be interested aesthetically, but also want to find someone with strong values and a fun personality. People don’t often tick all the boxes and we know that finding love … Read More

Post-honeymoon survival 101

The good news is that every married couple has had to go through the life-after-honeymoon phase and most have survived to tell the tale. Even for Harry and Meghan (really they are just like us, minus the constant press-intrusion) life will … Read More

Ask the experts: a guide to better break ups

Breaking up is never easy. But in our recent Status survey* we discovered that break ups definitely aren’t always good and too often they are bad and sometimes even downright ugly. Of those we interviewed about break ups, 17% had … Read More

Best and worst ways to be dumped

We sent the Status Van to Bristol, UK as part of the #BetterBreakUps campaign and asked them “What are the best and worst ways to be dumped?”

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