Flirting gone wrong!
How NOT to woo someone you like.

By Jamie Trezise   Let’s take a trip back in time. The year is 2011, and a fresh-faced, innocent Jamie was falling for a girl, who we’ll call Susan (mainly because it’s a great word to say. Suuuussaaan). One night, Susan’s … Read More

7 ways to beat Blue Monday

  By Jamie Trezise Mondays are hard. For some of us getting out of bed can be a battle, let alone leaving the house. If you struggle with Mondays – especially cold January ones –  here are some suggestions to … Read More

Consent – When silence doesn’t mean “yes”

Consent is more than someone not saying “no”. Wait for them to say “yes”. With American student Brock Turner able to sexually assault an unconscious woman in public, yet swerve proportionate jail time thanks to a lenient judge and glittering … Read More

4 great places to take your partner in December

By Josh Bovington Whenever Christmas time comes along there’s usually a familiar routine that comes every year with it.  The elaborate decorations, the annoying songs and the over the top meals are all part of the Christmas parcel, and eventually, … Read More


I’m a friendly landing page!   Hellooooooooo!!!!!

Don’t put up with your controlling partner

By Sophia Lawrence Of course it starts out OK. You find it cute that she is so clingy, it makes you feel wanted. It makes you feel special. But then the clinginess becomes wearing. And the questions start coming: Who … Read More

Why a sense of self-worth is so important

By Jamie Trezise Working out how much something is worth can be tricky. Although I am only 20 years old, I am a big fan of the classic daytime TV show of Bargain Hunt. Experts and auctioneers seem to effortlessly … Read More

Is it wrong if my partner and I argue all the time?

By Josh Bovington Arguing is obviously not something people like to do.  Having conflict with other people can be aggravating, stressful and demoralising. Aand most people try to avoid arguments at all costs. Arguing with your partner can be so … Read More

9 best relationships on TV

Today is World Television Day (hooray!) And to celebrate, Status is looking at some of the best relationships on the small screen. By Jamie Trezise 1. Ross and Rachel (Friends)   Let’s start with one of the best loved TV … Read More

I’m a young man looking for love… on Tinder

It’s International Men’s Day today. Some research came out on Thursday 16th November about the culture of masculinity in the UK, which you can read about here. And in the section about relationships, it said the following: “the more committed British … Read More

7 best relationships in superhero films

The long-awaited superhero film, Justice League, is out in cinemas tomorrow (Friday 17th November), so Status thought it would be cool to do a run-down of some of the best relationships, romantic or not, in superhero films. You won’t find the … Read More

Debate: Is casual sex linked with female empowerment?

“Love Island”. Hook-up culture. Tinder dates. Like it or not, casual sex is normal nowadays, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. With an increasing number of people moving away from monogamous long-term partners, and casual sex and one-night-stands … Read More

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